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Pet Paw Print Jewellery

Jewellery With Your Pet’s Paw

Here at Little Pinkies HQ, we do many, many pieces of jewellery with customer’s pet’s paws on. Dogs, cats and even horses hooves have all made their way onto the surface of our silver and gold jewellery. And it’s not just pendants we do, it is cufflinks for the men, and key rings for those who do not wear jewellery.

A few weeks ago I got chatting to a customer who had previously bought a piece of jewellery which had two cats paw prints on (Billy Bong and Sydney Socks). She loved the piece I had made for her a few months ago, and this time she was back, looking for something a bit different. Her request was unusual, and a first for Little Pinkies, but she knew it would make a daughter Caitlin happy if she had a pendant with her two cat’s prints on one side, and the other with the prints of Chewbacca the Hamster! I had never before taken a hamsters prints, but was confident that it would be ok. So off the kit went, and the paw prints were expertly taken. I did ask Caitlin what it was like to take the prints, and she replied:

As to how easy it was to get the print, I have to say it was surprisingly easy, because hamsters are small they’re easy to hold so it was easy in the respect, but when he fidgeted and moved it caused the print to go all smudged (as you could probably tell), but overall it was reasonably easy as long as you have a tame hamster.

Thank you so much for the pendant, I am so excited for it to arrive!!
So here it is, the front and back. It was  a first, but I think it looks great.
cat print jewelleryhamster print jewellery
“So, how do I get my pet’s paws immortalised on a pierce of jewellery” I hear you ask. The answer is simple! All you need to do is ‘click’ on the piece of jewellery you are after (charm, locket, cufflink etc) and we will send you out a kit. Don’t worry if the item you ordered says ‘fingerprint’ or ‘handprint’ because we sue the same for fingers, hands, feet or paws. We will send you the kit. Take the prints and return it in the pre paid envelope. Easy.

hampster print jewellery

Father’s Day Gift Sale

Father’s Day Gift Sale

Did you know that Father’s Day 2015 is Sunday 21st June. Don’t panic, because with the click of a button, you can order your jewellery quickly and cheaply! If you have ordered from us before, we have kept a digital copy of your prints on file, meaning we can  make and dispatch the jewellery in time for Father’s Day 2015.

This offer is only open to previous Little Pinkies customers.


So, what are you after? Cufflinks, keyrings or how about a dog tag? with this offer you receive 25% off normal RRP.

Sterling Silver Cufflinks                                Sterling Silver Dog Tag               Keyrings

Was £80  now £60                was £60 now £45        Was £45 now £35

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                                            Dog Tags                                 keyring

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