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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Jewellery


What age is best to take a good print?

Ok, so this is a question we are always being asked. Generally from 6 months old you can get a good fingerprint. However, it is not a hard and fast rule. Young babies tend not to want to open their hands until 6 months, and with young children you may struggle to get a good hand/ fingerprint. In this case, i would suggest a cute footprint, which always works and looks lovely.


Please allow 2 weeks for your order from WHEN THE KITS ARE RETURNED TO ME. If you have left that gift buying until the last minute, i can turn things around in a few days BUT please give me a ring on 07814155705 or email  me on : just to check i can do this for you.

2+ Children

if you have two children (or want 2 different prints on your cufflinks) you can order that, no problem. For those of you lucky to have more than two children we can get more prints on some products for example the key rings, but again please call me to discuss.

Gold Products

We can get 9 carat, platinum, rose gold and white gold on the charms, dog tags and pendants. Prices are not displayed on the website as the price of gold fluctuates. Prices quoted are for the gold fix at that day, and are subject to change later on in the year. Gold orders are special orders so to order yours please email or call.


All personalisation is FREE. Let me know details of what you want when you return your kit to me. Cufflinks can have names or initials, and sometimes initials work best as i have to minimise the image to fit the names and occasionally details can be lost.


If you are not happy with your jewellery for whatever reason you can return to me for a full refund.

The Kit

Upon receipt of your order i send you out a kit. It is the same kit for fingerprints, handprints or footprints. I have made a lovely video showing you how to use it so please look take a look as all will be explained.

Repeat Orders

I always return the image you send showing you which print i have used. I keep a copy on my computer so if you want to order more jewellery you can do so at a reduced rate.

Worldwide shipping

We ship everywhere and the p and p is calculated at checkout.