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How To Use The Fingerprint Kit




Please follow the instructions carefully as the image from your fingerprint will be the centre piece of your jewellery. In your kit you receive an A4 piece of paper, an ink less wipe and a pre-paid envelope. On one side of the paper you fill out details including your name, contact number and any personalisation you require on your jewellery. The OTHER side of the paper is where you print. It is the same kit for fingerprints, hand prints or footprints.

Take out the wipe and paper. Get your finger ready!

1. Place the paper on a flat surface. The side to imprint on is marked accordingly.

2. Take the wipe out of the wrapper and wipe the finger to be used.

3. Place the finger on the paper. Press lightly!!! An image of the fingerprint will start to develop. Get as many images of the print as you can…the more the better. Cover the paper with  fingerprints if necessary. You should be able to see the fine lines of the prints.


5. Press lightly!!!!!

REMEMBER!!!if the child is too young…their fingerprint may not be defined. It may not be there!!!! If this is the case, we can always make ‘hand and footprint’ jewellery. We can turn a hand/footprint:

Tips For Taking a Print of a Small Baby.

  • try to do the kit when the baby is sleeping
  • make sure the hands are clean and dry
  • bring the paper to the baby
  • you may find that you get your prints on the paper, this is fine, just cross out your prins with a pen….I’ll know not to use them.

For a list of Common Questions about our Fingerprint Jewellery please click here.