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If you have a question about any aspect of our jewellery, please post here and I will answer as soon as I can. To post a question, contact me. 



I have three children and I want a piece of jewellery that will fit three fingerprints. What do you recommend?

So, your first option would be a large and small heart. You can get two prints on one large heart (but no names- they can go on the back)and one print on the small heart. the price for this is £80, but you would need to call me on 07814155705 in order to order over the phone. The second option is our ‘coin’ necklace available in both sterling silver a 9 carat gold. You can in fact get 4 prints on this piece. The details are here: Double Coin Necklace


I can’t decided if i want fingerprints handprints or footprints. Do i have to choose before i order?

No, you don’t have to choose, as the kit is the same for all prints. So even if you purchase ‘fingerprint cufflinks’, you can take feet or hands with the kit, the price is the same. Or, you can do both and once you’ve seen them, you decide. Just let me know once you return the prints to me.


I want to order a gold pendant but i have my own chain, can i have a discount on the price?

Unfortunately not. The gold double coin necklace has a 16 inch chain soldered onto it, and the large single pendant does not come with a chain anyway, the price is just for necklace alone.


I want a locket but I have two children. Can i get both prints on one locket?

Yes you can. You can get a print on either side, along with a name. You can view our lockets here:

Silver locket

Gold Locket


Do you keep the prints on file so i don’t have to re-do them if i want to order more jewellery?

Yes, we keep all the prints on file. We return your original prints to you with your jewellery, but keep a file on the computer. If you then go ahead and make another order, you don’t need to re-take the prints, and you also get a discount!


I have my own gold locket. Can i send this to you and you engrave the prints onto it for me?

Really sorry the answer is no. I can only engrave on Little Pinkies Jewellery.


I need something last minute (in 3 days time). Is this possible? Can i have the jewellery this quick?

It very well might be possible. Please call me on 07814155704 to see my availability. You’ll need to pay more for the postage though. If you have left it really late, i can always send out a gift pack, for you to take the prints and return to me at a later date.