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Double Print ‘Coin’ Necklace

Double print necklace

Double print necklace

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Introducing our silver or 9 carat gold double print fingerprint, handprint or footprint necklace

which is perfect if you have two or more children. Launched in January 2015, this stunning necklace makes a great alternative to the ‘cluster’ necklace (which jingles around your neck and subsequently becomes scratched). This necklace (inspired by Holly Willoughby’s two coin necklace – and totally exclusive to Little Pinkies) means you can get two of your favourite prints on one flat necklace which sits nicely on your neck. Alternatively, if you have three of four children, they can go on the back. Great for mums with twins!

Available in sterling silver or 9 carat gold, so please select the correct option. Each necklace comes with TWO impression kits included in the price. If you want more than two prints, add 1 additional kit (and three kits will be sent, or two additional kits and four prints will be sent.)

The two discs are soldered together so don’t move.

Dimensions: Supplied on a 16″ chain 35mm across, 20mm high. left disc is 20mm by 20 mm, the image on the right disc will be smaller.

Please note, any names added to the front will be off centre and won’t exactly match position with left and right disc, therefore if you are a stickler for precision, have the names on the back please.


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